Newsletter NRP 72 – May 2017
Interview - "The One-Health approach is not new. But it was neglected for a long time."
It was due to the health crises in recent years that the links between human health, animal health, and ecosystem health have come to the forefront in scientific research, says Dik Mevius.
Kick-off - Many disciplines, one challenge
At the first programme meeting, the researchers of NRP 72 "Antimicrobial Resistance" took the opportunity to get to know each other and share ideas - a key prerequisite in the search for ways to tackle antimicrobial resistance.
Election of two new Steering Committee members
The Research Council elected two new members of the Steering Committee of NRP 72: Dik Mevius and Mathias Pletz.
Portrait of NRP 72 in a nutshell
The programme portrait of NRP 72 offers an overview of the aims, projects and schedule of the programme. It is available online and on paper.
   Public Health Switzerland: Symposium Antibiotic resistance

14.11.2017, Hotel Bern, Bern

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