Newsletter NRP 72 – 9 November 2018
“Knowledge alone won’t change behaviour”
Psychologist Vivianne Visschers explains in an interview what a public campaign on antibiotic resistance can achieve and where it should start.
The reservoir of resistance genes in waterways is increasing
Environmental ecologist Helmut Bürgmann discusses the state of research on ways of mitigating antibiotic resistance in waterways.
UltraPro halts overprescription of antibiotics
UltraPro: The use of ultrasound by general practitioners and the cooperation of assistants are essential to the success of the new strategy.
NRP 72 in 2018: All projects underway, focus now on overall collaboration
With 42 projects in all areas of resistance research, NRP 72 covers an impressive range of topics. This makes efficient and effective collaboration within the programme and with external partners all the more important. For this reason, NRP 72 focused on networking activities in 2018.
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