Bacterial Persistence and Antimicrobial Therapy 2018 – Congressi Stefano Franscini

​Conference Language: English

Bacterial infections represent an increasingly urgent threat to human health worldwide with major pathogens being resistant to all available antibiotics. In addition, antibiotic therapy can fail to clear bacterial infections even in the absence of clinically detectable resistance. This is likely caused by drug-tolerant bacteria that survive even extensive exposure to antibiotics. The investigation of underlying mechanisms of microbial persistence and antibiotic tolerance is a newly emerging research field with already spectacular and fascinating insights.

EMBO Workshop on “Bacterial Persistence and Antimicrobial Therapy” Conference will bring together the world’s leading experts in this field using a variety of approaches.

Public Event with support of NRP 72 (In Italian)

A crisis foretold: bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Causes, mechanisms, potential remedies

Wednesday, 13th June
20.30 - 22.00
Auditorium, Monte Verità, Ascona


10.06.2018 17:00


14.06.2018 10:00


Monte Verità, Via Collina, Ascona

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