Halting Antimicrobial Resistance Dissemination in Aquatic Environments (HEARD2018) – Congressi Stefano Franscini

​Conference Language: English

The dissemination of bacterial antibiotic resistance is an urgent problem. Wastewater receives resistant bacteria in very high numbers, and wastewater treatment plants provide environments with high bacterial density and potentially selective agents. Thus, they may act as secondary sites of resistance evolution and treated wastewater can disseminate resistance into the aquatic environment, where it interacts with and affects the natural reservoir of resistance genes. Surface waters may receive resistant bacteria as well as antibiotics also from other sources, such as animal farming or pharmaceutical wastewater. Through direct wastewater reuse and dissemination into surface waters and ultimately drinking water human and animal populations may be exposed to this resistance reservoir.

The meeting will explore the current research on the behavior of resistance in wastewater, surface waters and other aquatic environments. We will discuss the behavior and survival of resistant bacteria, and their genetically mobile resistance genes in aquatic environments and explore new approaches to assess and mitigate the risks of resistance dissemination through the water cycle. Our vision is to have an intense and focused meeting with current and future leaders in the field, dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and the search for solutions.


16.09.2018 14:00


19.09.2018 12:00


Monte Verità, Via Collina, Ascona

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