Newsletter NRP 72 – 11 July 2019
“One Health Meets Sequencing” symposium
A summary of the most important issues discussed on 21 May. By organisers Adrian Egli, Jaques Schrenzel and Roger Stephan.
"We need a clear implementation concept"
In an interview, Jürg Danuser of the FSVO, head of the federal One Health group, talks about the importance of Whole Genome Sequencing for national monitoring.
"All depends on patient consent"
Researchers of NRP 72 are developing a national platform that will routinely bring together the genetic data of pathogens (human, animal and environmental) with patient data (such as age and symptoms). Their aim: recognise in greater detail the spread of dangerous pathogens that are resistant to antibiotics - and stop them from spreading more efficiently. This entails ethical and legal questions, explains Susanne Driessen, president of swissethics, the umbrella organisation of Swiss ethics commissions for research on humans.
Fighting resistant bacteria with viruses
Researchers at ETH Zurich are developing tailor-made agents against bacterial infections. To do that, they are modifying enzymes from phages – natural enemies of bacteria – and delivering them directly to affected tissue using biological postcodes.
   ICPIC 2019 – 5th International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control

10.09. - 13.09.2019, CICG, Geneva, Switzerland

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