JPIAMR call for prevention and intervention studies


JPIAMR launches its fifth call. EUR 600,000 have been budgeted by NRP 72 for Swiss project partners.

The excessive and often unnecessary use of antibiotics contributes to the development of resistant germs and to drugs becoming ineffective. If we want to keep relying on today's antibiotics, we need to adopt a more cautious approach to using them. The fifth call of the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR) is therefore looking for research projects that develop and test new strategies in this context. The main focus lies on prevention and intervention studies in human and veterinary medicine.

Deadline for pre-proposals 21 March 2017

The 5th JPIAMR call was launched on 18th January 2017 with 14 participating countries. The submission deadline for pre-proposals is 21 March 2017. The project teams should comprise 3-6 partners from different countries. A total amount of EUR 600,000 has been set aside for the Swiss partners participating in these teams. Successful applicants from Switzerland must abide by the basic rules and guidelines of NRP 72.