Symposium "One Health meets Sequencing"

Start21.05.2019 08:30
End21.05.2019 18:20
VenueKKL Lucerne
Registration deadline21.05.2019

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) has become the new gold standard for typing of pathogens. WGS enables to understand transmission chains of bacteria, mobile genetic elements, and viruses with the highest resolution. In the near future national and international databases will allow tracking pathogen transmissions based on WGS data in and across complex settings such as humans, animals, food, water and other environmental sources. Understanding the complexity and the dynamics of those compartments will also help us to reduce transmissions of multi-drug resistant pathogens.

Several important challenges for public health and oneHealth-related questions could be identified such as setting standards for data analysis, access to important epidemiological metadata, data sharing, data protection and ethical considerations. This symposium aims to presenting current and ongoing projects in oneHealth and whole genome sequencing taking place in Switzerland – fostering the ongoing discussion on the identified challenges and paving the way for solutions in public health, diagnostics and research.