Making healthcare systems resilient to antimicrobial resistance

Considerable efforts are underway worldwide to combat the problem of antimicrobial resistance. We are analysing them in several countries. Our goal is to identify factors that make countries resilient to this challenge.

  • Project description (ongoing research project)

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    Not all countries are equally well able to deal with the problem of antimicrobial resistance. The concept of "resilience" is suitable for analysing the necessary factors. Resilience reflects the ability of a system to react to disturbances, and adapt and maintain its vital functions. However, little is known about the fundamentals underlying health systems' ability to cope with antimicrobial resistance. Our international collaborative project is identifying and measuring the key influencing factors, including animal and ecological factors, in several case studies in different countries.

  • Background

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    The problem of antimicrobial resistance is already having measurable effects on human health, and these are set to become even more acute at worldwide level over the next few years. In order to meet this challenge, it is also necessary to question and adapt health systems and consumer behaviour.

  • Aim

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    We are setting up a database that provides a comprehensive overview of the measures in place to combat antimicrobial resistance. We are also carrying out a retrospective and prospective analysis of several case studies. By doing so, we aim to identify those factors that promote resilience and obtain an instrument to predict its future dynamics.

  • Relevance

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    Measuring the factors that determine the resilience of health systems, including animal and environmental factors, is important in understanding which interventions work in which context. Our approach shows ways in which the ability to deal with the challenges of antimicrobial resistance can be strengthened.

  • Original title

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    Comparative assessment of social-ecological resilience and transformability to limit AMR in one-health systems